Calendar Activities

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Hi friends and Urantia Family. Here are some Urantia Events coming to you soon:

  • Sunday Night Class (tonight) at 8pm at the home of Tom and Karen Allen, 5908 Burnham Pl
  • Wednesday Night Class at 7:30 at Unity church, 5603 NW 41st Street
  • Sunday 9/28 Family Worship at 10:00 a.m. at Cabot & Jill Eudaley's, 2004 Alexander in Bethany, OK, Charlene Morrow will be our leader. Bring your favorite Brunch-style dish to share.
  • Save the Date - Rick Crosby's giving a presentation called Machaventia and the Abraham Covenant at his home in Choctaw, OK on Saturday 10/4/14 at 5:00 p.m., Rick lives at 15201 SE 41st St in Choctaw, OK and this will be a potluck. Rick will provide the main course, everyone else can bring a side dish, dessert, beverages, bread, salad, etc. Contact Jill Eudaley, Social Chairman to coordinate. 405-620-5349
  • OKC will host the YaYa's coming up in October, the weekend of Fall Break so stay tuned for more information on this event. BTW YaYa stands for Youth and Young Adult.

Hope to see you in and around all things "Urantia."


Love - Karen