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No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.
  --Agnes de Mille, (1905-1993)

P.1708 - §2  (153:1.3)  Jesus fully understood how men prepare themselves for the decisions of a crisis and the performance of sudden deeds of courageous choosing by the slow process of the reiterated choosing between the recurring situations of good and evil. He subjected his chosen messengers to repeated rehearsals in disappointment and provided them with frequent and testing opportunities for choosing between the right and the wrong way of meeting spiritual trials. He knew he could depend on his followers, when they met the final test, to make their vital decisions in accordance with prior and habitual mental attitudes and spirit reactions.

    American dancer and choreographer Agnes DeMille was born Sept. 18, 1905, in New York City. She toured the United States and Europe, giving concerts of her own character sketches. She created her first major roles with the Ballet Rambert. Rodeo (1942), was one of her most important ballets. The recipient of many awards, she continued to choreograph ballets for the American Ballet Theatre.