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The genuine seeker must utilize both the critical mind and the generous heart.
  --John J. McGraw  Author of Brain & Belief: An Exploration of the Human Soul

P.554 - §6 (48:6.21)  These angels are all in the chain of recorders extending from the lowest to the highest custodians of the facts of time and the truths of eternity. Some day they will teach you to seek truth as well as fact, to expand your soul as well as your mind. Even now you should learn to water the garden of your heart as well as to seek for the dry sands of knowledge.

    Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, McGraw now lives and works in Denmark studying intersubjectivity, interaction, distributed cognition, cognitive ecology, epistemic actions, and active externalism. Trained as a cognitive anthropologist, his anthropological fieldwork focuses on ritual and cognition among the Tz'utujil Mayas of Guatemala.
    Currently, he work as a researcher in the Aarhus Node of the TESIS network. While the aim of the entire network is to make progress "Towards an Embodied Science of Intersubjectivity," his particular task is to investigate the science of human interaction with an emphasis on the role of objects in cognitive ecosystems.