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Otis was amongst us back in the 1970's and 80's.  He has been very prolific in his spiritual activities.  I have problems with his politics, but there never was a pancake without 2 sides.  However his spiritual contributions have been outstanding.  I encourage all of you to subscribe to his Thoughts for the day submissions.  They are spiritually astounding.

Here is what he has written me to inform you all about:

Hi everyone,  Here is a link to Barnes & Noble website to see my 25 e-books posted.  I have a 10 book series of spiritual adventure novels called the SkyHawk series that everyone around the world who has read them love them.  The first book in the SkyHawk series is, Where Eagles Soar.  one of the latest novels I have written is a true historical novel called The American Holocaust which is the true story of the planned genocide of the American Indians by the United States Government.




Otis Ritch, Choctaw Indian Author & leather Artist


check Barnes & Noble website for my 24 e-books