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An Overview of Part II
of The Urantia Book

Starts  Friday, February 13
Ends Friday, March 13, 2015

Andre Radatus, Elisabeth Callahan, 
David Glass, Michael Dunkin

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Class Description


A local universe is the arena where spiritual evolution occurs on the material and morontial levels of existence.  In this introductory class on Part II of The Urantia Book, we will explore the origin and structure of our Local Universe of Nebadon and learn about some of the wide-ranging orders of personal beings who teach and minister to the ascending mortals from the inhabited worlds of space. 


We will discover that our local universe and all the universes of space and time are remarkably well-ordered, efficiently administered, and superbly coordinated in order to advance and support the Paradise ascension scheme of mortal spiritual progression.


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Class Format & Goal


Students in UrantiaUniversity Institute online classes explore The Urantia Book through reading assignments, learning exercises, instructional videos, class discussions, meditation themes, and live webinars. The purpose of all this education is to foster the growth of personal religious experience and a life of loving service to the family of God. 


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§  The online classroom is open 24/7 to registered students

§  Classes are asynchronous, meaning there are no fixed times that students must attend class, except for live webinars

§  Attendance is flexible – at a time that’s convenient for you